About me


Raised in busy Jakarta life with 9 to 5 working hours and being so grateful spending time, chit chat and drinking coffee (and wine) with my husband.

Worrying about what will happen next and overthinking things, sounds like me! I found myself difficult, until my husband encourage me to live simply, enjoying every moment and be grateful.

After i woke up, i always have a little me-time, enjoying my coffee and have 5 minutes of silent. It helps me to be focus and appreciate little thing around me. The golden moment called “The Morning Brew”

So, this is my personal blog and expect me sharing notes about lifestyle, wellness, travel and everything that i found interesting

We are all have the busy life, but let’s begin the morning with brewing some coffee (or tea), sit back, relax and (hopefully you can) enjoy 5 minutes of my simple notes.

Thank you and have a good vibe! 🙂 #ehngopiyuk