Sunday Morning at Patio Weekend Brunch

The reason why I LOVE BRUNCH SO MUCH is because during the weekend, i don’t have to get up so early for breakfast but not so late for Lunch. Especially when Patio Venue (the member of Plataran Dining) ask to join the #PatioWeekendBrunch, i simply say YES! What’s so good about the place? Outdoor photogenic area? Loveable menu from West to East? Healthy food option? Perfect for family gathering? They have it all!

Favorite corner at Patio Venue & Dining

During the weekend, i prefer outdoor area with fresh air, karena selama weekdays selalu dalam ruangan AC. Put some SPF, Sunglasses on, wear my summer skirt, VOILA, berasa bukan di Jakarta. Apalagi dikelilingin oleh banyak tanaman hijau dan props yang bikin pengen foto terus sambil nunggu makanan 🙂

Favorite table for healthy yet delicious brunch

On the table ada Salmon Croissant (89K), it’s actually my favorite! Potongan Salmon yang super thick dan pastry Croissant yang pas banget, gampang dipotong ,tidak cepat hancur dan masih moist jadi cocok gitu kalau digabung. Then ada Tuna Sandwich (75K) Multi-grain bread, tuna, soft boiled egg,and salad! Topping tuna nya enak dan juga banyak diatasnya, jadi every bite dapat tunanya. For Tom, ada Borobudur French Toast (59K),untuk minumannya Rasberry Cooler (42K), Mix or Rasberry, Cucumber and Apple, yang asamnya pas dan SO SUMMER!You have to order Patio Florentine (85K) with Homemade English Muffin, Smoked Salmon dan Poached Eggs karena sauce bennedict nya enak, salmonnya supper thick, dan juga… my favorite drink, Brain Vitamin (47K) mix of avocado, spinach, honey and yoghurt. Enak banget ga enek kayak minum avocado juice, yang pasti banyak banget manfaatnya. I need this everyday. Overall, the moment at Patio Venue never disappoint me, i like the outdoor venue (minus the rain), the ambience dengan alunan piring hitam, simple and in fact I LOVE every dishes and drinks here! Worth to go during the mager Saturday and Sunday or extra compliment after Car Free Day. Brunch is only available from 8AM to 3PM, every Saturday and Sunday. Next Sunday saya mau ngajak keluarga untuk brunch disini karena selectionnya cukup lengkap. Let’s Dress Up and meet me at #PatioWeekendBrunch!

Patio Venue& Dining
Jl. Wijaya 13 No.45
Jakarta Selatan

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